Welcome to the World of Interior Design!

Fabrics, Color Wheels: Paints, Furniture, Accessories ….this is the fun part of a project!  There is so much more to the preparation of a room or rooms.   Space planning and function are mandatory.  We have balance of furniture, color, and the layers of lighting.  This is the basics of design for Interior decisions, once all of the renovations or construction are complete.

My goal is to entertain you, educate you and  enlighten you of the importance of Professional Interior Design techniques.

Since interior design services can range from complete new construction decisions for interior and exterior selections, to renovations of a room or rooms; to simply decorating with furniture and accessories, we will discuss all of these topics.

The key purpose or outcome is to create the perfect environment for you, the client, beyond your expectations, and this is achieved by listening to you and your needs.  Each project deserves the same process whether a Residence, a Professional Office or other Commercial facility.

I am so excited  and passionate about my Blog and am looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you, and  connecting with you on a regular basis.

Welcome!  Susie

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