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Summer 2015

A Special Message for you…….

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Worlds Best Designer!!!

He has worked with every color under the Sun.  He has created the most magnificent landscapes, seascapes, and other scapes known to all man. He has captured the epitomy of design in the smallest flower to the largest mountain.  Every living creature is uniquely  made by his hand… from the tiny honey bee to the beautiful […]

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It’s that Time of Year Again…Getting your Property ready for Rental or the Summer Season!

Spring is practically here, the season is fast approaching!!  Family, Friends, and surprise Guest,will be coming to visit you at the shore. You ask, how do I enjoy my company but preserve the beauty of my home?    This all starts with the correct selections of products that will  endure  use. Today, there are many fabulous fabrics engineered for […]

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Color Trends for 2012

Paint Colors, What to do….. Selecting a paint color for a room, or whole house should be inspirational by the character and other elements in the home.   You can change your room into a extraordinary space! Color palettes can be soft suble pastels of soothing colors, or vibrant pops of color to brighten up a […]

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Color my World

“Nature is the source of all Artistic Expression”. Have you ever wondered why we are so in awe of a beautiful sunset or sunrise. All of the colors, blending and contrasting in motion. A winter’s snow scene, also captivating, displaying the simplicity of a its still, pure white aura. Color can calm us or it […]

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