Buyer Beware!! If you think its expensive to hire a Pro…

wait until you hire an amateur.  

Hiring a Contractor is a very important part of your next renovation project.  Whether its a kitchen, bath or whole house, be very careful when hiring your Builder/Contractor.

Follow these Recommendations:

1.    Always ask for License number for Contractor and each subcontractor.  For example, your Plumber should be a Master Plumber with a License for your state.

2.   Ask for an Insurance Certificate to make sure the contractor has insurance to work in your Beautiful home.

3.   Check references and see examples of his work to make sure it meets your expectations.

4.   So many people  have innocently hired a “handy man” thinking they were hiring a professional to do the work.

5.   Try to get 2 to 3  bids for your project.  This insures an exact idea of cost.  If it really is a “low ball” price, chances are its  inferior workmanship.

6.    When you hire a Contractor, he should be on the job, not a crew of strangers.  His responsibility to oversee the project is mandatory.  Absentee Contractors are just that, absent.

7.   If you are building a new home, when interviewing the Builder, make sure his allowances to build your home are real numbers.  Bidding Builders have a tendency to submit the lowest bid to get the job, but then the allowances for example, tile and installation for Bathrooms, Kitchens, etc.contractor blog allows for a $2.00 square foot tile, leaving the customer with cheap tile or a major upgrade to buy something nicer.

8.  The newest trend is to hire a Project Manager, as an Interior Designer experienced with Renovations and New construction projects, who can assist you with Retrieving Bids, creating Scopes of Work for each contractor, gathering professionals for each stage of the construction/renovation.  Monitoring and coordinating the projects with the contractors and representing you, the client.  The Interior Designer would also work with the Architect so the Space planning,  furniture, accessories, kitchen and bath designs are meet the clients wishes and needs.  A Pro  Interior Design will have a edge on all the latest products.

9.  Even though the Furniture and Accessories are the final stage, all decisions and selections prior like the cabinetry, lighting fixtures, etc. all reflect the style and ambiance.  A complete harmony is now created and the Finale will prevail!

Remember, when you are make this Investment in your Home, you should hire the people who are licensed; who you will enjoy working with; and who will meet or surpass your expectations that you envision.

Any other  questions or comments, feel free to contact me.


Susie, the Designer.


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