Calgon…..take me away!!!!

Thinking of renovating a bathroom, or building a new home, consider your very own private Suite Spa.

We have so evolved since the days of the large Jacuzzi tubs taking up half the bath space.  The noise and maintenance alone, not to mention the water usage, discouraged us from using these tubs.

Today, make room for the new age of bathing, relaxing, pampering ourselves.  We have rippling massage therapy, through water and air; newer, quieter  whirlpool with body jets; aromatherapy with essential oils; chromatherapy changing our water to restful shades and hues of color.

Create a Spa Atmosphere everyday in your own home!  Revitilize your well being, with nature’s most precious gem, water.  Awaken your senses by bathing in a spa tub or showering with the latest systems to stimulate your body,  or  relax your muscles.

Pamper yourself, you deserve it!!!!





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