Lighting: an Accessory & Necessity

Lighting is such an important part of interior Design.   Rightfully so, layers of lighting can complete your room by balancing the lighting.  By layers, I mean, lighting for different uses or moods.  Recessed lighting is for optimal full light display.  Ambience lighting can be sconces, under counter, or above cabinet lighting in kitchens.  Lighting can be placed in tray ceilings to enhance a fabulous dining room.  I have used floor lighting in Home Theaters for step levels too.

We have lamps to read by; lamps for foyer consoles, and home office desks and many more place throughout a house.  Each lamp decision should be selected with a specific use. Shown are a few samples of correct layers of lighting shown as a kitchen pendant, a stair/hall light, reflecting a very interesting design in the space; and lastly a combination of lighting in a bedroom. Notice this lovely lamp with a yellow shade, displayed in a Bedroom, an accent color, chosen to complement the mahogany tone of the wood bedroom set.  Our theme was “coral”.  It is delicately shown in this beautiful Lamp.

Another lighting idea, is Ceiling fans with light kits.  They also add another layer of  softer lighting in place of lamps or in conjunction with table lamps.  This Waterfront Master Suite displays fabulous sconces on each side of the window seat;  table lamp, and a spectacular ceiling fan with a light kit and artificial candles for up light creating a very romantic mood for this lovely couple.

Oh… lets not forget the matching Sconces and Chandelier in the Lovely Master Bath Spa.

Layers of lighting for different uses, are always included in my floor plan and space planning.  I consider lighting an essential and important accessory for every room!



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