The Magic of Fabric!!!!! Can you tell which is Outdoor Upholstery Fabric?

Here we have three beautiful living rooms.  These are Beach Homes with lots of activity, including a pool, boat or other watercrafts, and sun bathing with suntan lotions…..all factors of concern when decorating a common area with family, guests, and pets.  Perhaps you rent your property.  In any case, the selection should demonstrate the wear and use of the fabric, as a detrimental concern, because you should  demand that your furniture  last and look fabulous in the years to come, and be easy to maintain.  Can you guess which sofas are upholstered with an outdoor fabric? 

Many Designer Textile Manufacturers such as Duralee, Robert Allen, and Kravet have many beautiful textures and colors that are colorfast again sunlight.   These fabrics are soft to the touch, and the colors are brilliant.  Other type fabrics can fade because of sunlight or oxidation; even salt air can take its toll on fabric, at the shore or by the water.

So now it is time to put you to the test.  If you guessed the stunning celery green sofa with Floral toss pillows, you are correct.  How about this fabulous sea glass color Sofa with contrast welt in yellow, you are also correct.  Lastly, if you unamiously said the multi colored beautiful Sectional is the choice, you are correct again!!!! Yes, even those large fluffy toss pillows.

Personally,  Interior Design service consists of  the most important factors, which are Function and Use of a room.   Give a client a room that they can enjoy and relax, knowing  there is an easy clean up or maintenance, and continued longivity in their purchase, they are very happy, and satisfied.

These thoughts and ideas can be utilized in any room, where you work hard or play hard.

You can see detailed photos of each project by visiting  website.  Have a Fabulous Day!! Susie


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