Questions & Answers: Do I Need to Hire An Interior Designer?

A Reminder of Services.  This Blog was very helpful to many new clients.  I am displaying it again to address the potential buyers who are in need of assistance with the restoration of their shore houses or advice through their new construction. 

This exciting segment addresses questions that you may have regarding interior design services, related subjects, and professional ethics of By the Sea Home Decor as a professional Design Firm.   I will answer the questions as if we were meeting together as your consultant.

Question:  I need to update my Beach House, why should I hire a Designer to decorate my house when I am fairly capable of making these decisions?

Answer:  Simply, I am an expert in the field, having access to all of the latest fashions for the Seashore home.  The Package Pricing also is a savings, and lastly the complete total coordination of furniture and accessories, such as window treatments, area rugs, lamps, wall décor will all perfectly complement the space.  My website shows beautifully balanced interior design.  Absolutely, your input describing your taste and vision is the end Result.

Question:  If I hire an Interior Designer, will it take me over my budget for furniture and accessories?

AnswerMy services, along with the products, and any installation, delivery and set up are included in the pricing, creating a turnkey end result.  You will get the most for your Money because of Package Pricing, and Unique Accessories exclusive to my business.  Because my products are priced from moderate to high end, I can accommodate any budget.  Space planning is crucial to purchasing the proper furniture for the space.  My professional assistance   helps you avoid costly mistakes by making incorrect decisions.

Question: I am planning to renovate my bathrooms and kitchen.  Can you help me with the designs, selections and even a contactor to do the work?

Answer: Yes, I can design, make your selections and either recommend a Contractor or work with your contractor.  Again, any renovation process also includes my design discount on all products, so it is a win-win situation.  I will also supervise and manage your project in your absence, by visiting the project frequently.

Question:  I am building a new home at the shore.  At what point in the Construction Stage, do I meet with you for your services?

Answer: Ideally, the most opportune time is when you are working with the Architect.   This allows us to really customize the house to you and your family needs, through a series of questions and I review with each owner so all changes are made preliminarily in the early stages.  It is easier to change at this point, then after construction is started.

Otherwise, once we meet and I am given a set of plans, I will prepare a Proposal for my services to assist you with exterior and exterior selections, as well as kitchen and Bath design, and every other choice needed to complete the construction process, taking us to the Furniture and Accessories phase.

This Venture can be very stressful for the average person.  My professional assistance makes the experience exciting, interesting and fun!

Question: What separates you from the other designer/decorators or the Retail Furniture stores at the Shore?

 Answer:  Over 25 years of experience in Interior Design in the tri-state area, shows continual success in the field.  Working with Builder/Developers, and Professionals throughout the Shore Points, specializing in all styles of Coastal Living creates a specialty in itself.  Superior Quality of furniture and accessories reflects durability, fabulous color and style.  Every Home reflects its individual style through the design and accessories.

My personal attention to every detail cannot be obtained by a Retail store.  Fortunately, I am a Custom Designer who decorates to your specific space.

I personally hang your wall décor, and make your new bed ensembles, and lay your area rugs.

My Passion for my Business exceeds any expectation you will have, when you experience the services, of By the Sea Home Décor.



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