Renovating, How to, Who to Call, Where to Start, Pt 3.

Whether is a Residence, An Office or an Condominium Complex renovation, the Same steps should be taken for each.

Make an outline of the items that need to be renovated.

Create a Budget or Idea of cost for each phase.  Usually the true numbers are larger than you have allowed, so make sure you have a backup number for your finished project.

Contact the Designer who you feel best suits your needs and someone who you know you can work with and have a Pleasant experience.  Interview several if you feel necessary.

We discussed previously, its better to hire a Professional, who has experience, creditability and the necessary professional contacts and product lines.

Review the Presentation and Designs, and their  Interpretation of the Renovation.

Finalize all Choices and products, and let the Designer do what she does best, create the Ultimate Vision and Outcome of the new Space.







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