Susie DiGironimo, Interior Designer

Hi, thank  you for visiting my Blog.  As my website displays, Design reflects an utlimate reaction when viewing the photos of  rooms or walking into these homes. Every little detail is strategically selected to compliment the other items in the room.  The thought process for each project is different because each house in different, as well as the people who will live there.

Hired by many Luxury Home Builders and Real Estate Investors, I have been very successful to furnish and accessorize, many homes of new construction, for sale to prospective buyers.  There is a unique blend of style and taste that needs to appeal to 99% of the client, who will purchase that home.  Even though the home may be built to perfection, their eyes are drawn to the items that make the house their home.

My personal experience with clients, is that most people are looking for that perfect room, a sanctuary of their own.  Designing for over 20 years, I decided to respond to the demand of specializing in all of the styles of Coastal Living.  Think about all of the coastal living places in the world.  Whether it is a Waterfront Home or a Luxury High Rise Condo, it all keeps me focused on the direct needs of coastal living.   The relaxed atmosphere that demands durability and comfort.  Those of you with shore homes know exactly what I am saying.   Remember, just as you would seek a specialist in the medical field, so should you seek a specialist in the Design world.

Can I assist anyone to create any look or style of Interior Design?  Yes, I do.  Whether Contemporary, Transitional, Modern, or Traditional, whatever the need, I can accommodate

For instance, if  your project is  Residential for you, or an Investment property, I can assist you.  If you are a Commercial client, with needs of Renovating a Lobby; Office, or Condominium Complex; perhaps a Hotel/Motel, or other scenio.   My expertise can accommodate your needs to any degree as a Consultant, or Project Manager working with you, your staff or Contractor/Builder.

My blog will be the “go to” for the newest product,  latest trends, creative thoughts and a wealth of information relating to decorating, building, renovating.  We can even  chat informally  about the economy, real estate, our import industry, our Made in USA and many other topics which are very connected to ourselves and our homes.  Lastly but not least, our  healthy mind, body & spirit and how is affects our environment and where we live.

I am so looking forward to sharing our special time over a cup or tea, or a Martini, and am anxious for your comments and feedback, as we begin this fabulous journey to My World of Interior Design.

Chiao,  Susie

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