“The Sea, once it casts its Spell, holds One in its net of wonder ……..forever” .
-Jacques Cousteau

Captured this magical verse as I vacationed in the Caribbean Islands, last year.

No one knew the beauty of the sea and its creatures better than Monsieur Cousteau.

Interior Design, itself, reflects color, texture, and balance all within the composure with nature. Coastal Living design, no matter which coast, is always influenced by its surroundings.

It is the beauty of nature that we try to imitate in our seashore properties, inviting The sand, sea and sky as our influence.

All of Gods colorful creatures, are also an influence in all aspects of design and decorating.

Your Shore House should portray that magical feeling “of being one with nature.”
Susie DiGironimo, Interior Designer of By the Sea Home Décor recognizes the importance of Nature and Coastal living, and is reflected in many waterfront properties in the South Jersey.
Susie’s Interior Design Business caters to the Builder, Investor and/or Professional, seeking this exclusive service of Interior Design and Consulting for New Construction or Renovations. Interior Design and decorating; Space Planning with Quality Furniture and Accessories are also available accommodating specific needs of the project.

“Living Coastal” is an informative Interior Design Newsletter, discussing many interesting topics, being presented by Susie DiGironimo, Professional Interior Designer.

Whether you are preparing a Shore Rental Property or Building and/or Renovating a New Home, all of your questions and needs are answered.
I personally welcome the new homes owners of The Grand at Diamond Beach.