“There are Accessories and then there are ACCESSORIES

When we make the decision to decorate a room or rooms in our Shore House or any home, all elements are crucial to make or break the final outcome.

Accessories are the “icing on the cake” whether we are dressing ourselves with clothing & accessories; or we are completing the interior design of our home.

Coastal Living represents an array of styles, even at our South Jersey shore points. Our finishing touches give balance to the floor plan, add color, and personal influence as well as documenting the style.

Susie DiGironimo, Interior Designer of By the Sea Home Décor, uses many custom, and unique displays of accessories for many projects assisting Builders, Developers, Architects and clientele for the ultimate “Wow” factors in each room. Each project represents its own individual personality and therefore, expresses a different final outcome for your beach house.

So the question is…..what are accessories? Wall Décor, Area Rugs, Lamps, Table Décor, Window Treatments such as Woven Woods, Draperies, Valances, Shades, Blinds, Shutters,etc.; Accent Furniture, Bedding Ensembles, Custom colored Murals, Textured Wall Painting, Wood Trimming as wainscot, Foliage and Silk Trees, fireplaces, tile design, cabinetry design, on and on.

Where do I purchase?…How will I know what works? Well,
You can avoid costly mistakes and expense by having Susie complete your project. The latest in Interior Design, Furniture and Accessories are available to you by contacting Susie for your consultation.

Susie’s website displays a brief viewing of Real projects showing New Construction, Renovations, Interior Designs, Furniture and Accessories. Current projects include Brigantine, Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Avalon, Longport, and Stone Harbor.

“Living Coastal” is an informative Interior Design Newsletter, discussing many interesting topics, being presented by Susie DiGironimo, Professional Interior Designer.

Whether you are preparing a Shore Rental Property or Building and/or Renovating a New Home, all of your questions and needs are answered.